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Need an easy fundraiser?

That won't require any real "selling"?

And, will demonstrate the high caliber of your school's art program?

Art Prints: School Art Graphics takes your students' simple artwork and turns it into art gallery inspired prints. With high resolution scanning and graphic enhancement, your students will be proud to display these beautiful prints and their parents and grandparents will be happy to own them. Copies of art prints can be purchased in any quantity and in various standard sizes, to fit any traditional frame.

Class Composites: Raise even more money for your school by adding our Class Composite prints to your fundraiser. Double the fun by using the student's image in the art prints and create class composites. The fun prints show the unique personality of each student. Not only Students love to have this great momento of their class and their friends. Frame it and hang in their own room or save it in a scrapbook. They will treasure it forever.

Your school will earn 40% on the sale of every print.

3 Easy Steps

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bullet Enter your student names and their parent email address
bullet For Art Prints, tag and mail student original artwork
      For Class Composites, upload photos of students

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